Beach Volleyball Thailand aims to give back to the world and others as we are grateful for the amazing opportunities it has provided for us.

Donating Equipment to a School in Cambodia


BVT went to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, in June 2018, to donate and set up a beach volleyball court and 8 balls to a charity run school.

We met the kids and taught them the basic skills needed to play.

BVT’s main aim is to build and grow beach volleyball around South East Asia.

The money for the equipment came from the beach volleyball tournaments Charlie and myself (Katie) won over the 3 tournaments played March-May through the Anchor International Beach Volleyball Carnival 2018.

Now this court is accessible for this local village to also use. 
Not having much over there it will hopefully bring them joy with a sport they can progress in and improve their quality of life.

Enjoy Cambodia and thanks for having us.

Love BVT xo


Before and after setting up ...


Learning the basics ...

The School

Pinnacle School is in the heart of a rural Phnom Pehn village, an hour out of the center. They started in 2011, with their main aim to teach English, in order to expand their opportunities in the future. At the beginning they only 14 students, and now have grown to 120 students. This voluntary run organisation was founded by An Li who provided a free library for the children and has now gained help by Ando to help bringing in permanent teachers. 


Stage 2 of the project - 

BVT will continue to provide beach volleyball related opportunities to the school, so the children can build up skills that can translate into life. E.g. team work, cooperation, challenges, decision making.  The next step is to put sand down as the children are playing bare feet on this hard, stony clay surface. 

Message us for how to help. 


Green Cross 

Green Cross (GC) is an environmental conservation organisation, with the aim of preserving Koh Phangan's natural beauty through regular beach cleans, raising awareness, and education.


Beach Clean 17th Feb 2017 Pictures 


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